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Cost of Reservation 50% deposit required for all hunts or fishing. Full day quail hunt with over night accommodations is $800.00 You will experience the heart- pounding thrill as a large covey rises out of the forest.
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Come Enjoy a Southern Tradition... Whether hunting, fishing, or just experiencing the beauty of nature, we’re sure you can find year-round enjoyment at Wildcat Creek Hunting Lodge.
Wildcat Creek Hunting Lodge Wildcat Creek Hunting Lodge
11931 Booker Road - Florala, Al 36442 - (334) 504-2452
*RATES FOR DEER HUNTING ARE - $525.00 per day (2 day minimum on deer hunts). Hunts include meals, lodging, guides, transportation to your stands, and cleaning of your deer. Two-day hunt person is allowed to take 1 buck and 1 doe. Non- hunting guests and wives are welcome to stay for $200.00 per day (meals & lodging). Due to the personal attention our hunters receive, we only book one group at a time. *RATES FOR QUAIL HUNTING ARE - $950.00 per gun for full- day hunt with over night stay. $400.00 per gun for 1/2 day hunt. Full-day hunt includes guide, dogs, three meals, plus 50 birds per hunter will be released. Half-day hunt includes guide, dogs, plus 25 birds per hunter will be released. After the half-day hunt, each hunter will recieve 12 birds previously cleaned, packaged, and frozen. Full-day hunt each hunter receives 24 birds previosly cleaned, packaged, and frozen. *RATES FOR FISHING ARE - $350.00 per person per day. This includes lodging and meals. Boats and tackle (if necessary) are furnished. We offer fishing in a private lake that is stocked with Tiger Bass and Copper Nose Blue Gill Bream. *RATES FOR TURKEY HUNTING ARE - $600.00 per day. Hunts include meals and lodging. CALL (334) 504-2452 FOR A RESERVATION
*Prices subject to change. Please call to verify.